Brief History of the Municipality
Formerly a Municipal District, Brooke’s Point was converted into a municipality on June 28, 1949 by virtue of Executive Order No. 232 of then President Elpidio Quirino. It covers a land area that expand from as far as Barangay Abo-abo of Sofronio Española in the north; across Mantalingahan ranges down to the municipalities of Quezon and Rizal in the west; and extending southward to the tip of the province up to Barangay Buliluyan in the town of Bataraza.

Gleaned from historical facts, the town was named after an English Navigator by the name of Sir James Brooke, believed to be the first white man to have set foot in the place on the shoreline shaped like a peninsular point, hence the name Brooke’s Point. The discovery by early settlers of a marker erected right on the spot where the landing was made further bolstered this belief. Unfortunately, this marker no longer exists today due to constant soil erosion caused by the recurring waves.

Early accounts reveal that the place then was predominantly inhabited by natives of the Palawano tribe and of Muslims who migrated from nearby Sulu and from away places like Malaysia, Indonesia and Borneo. Some of these Muslims were traders who did business with the natives through barter. In the years that follow, the descendants of these people settled down in the place for good. Many of them who came found their way to the southern part of the province which today are the towns of Bataraza and Balabac as well as of the islands and islets around.

The advent of the Spanish Regime in the country and later of the Americans to some extent provided a breakthrough in the transformation of the character, practices and ideals of the people from the primitive state into one of reforms and change. Slowly the place inched its way to progress with the inhabitants becoming conscious of their needs for economic and social improvement.

Through the years the municipality has progressed steadily with the construction of Puerto Princesa South Road (PPSR) and has evolved as one of the fastest growing venue for economic growth in Southern Palawan.