Geographic Location and Significance

Brooke’s Point is located in the southeastern section of mainland Palawan at latitude 8˚47’ and longitude 117˚49’. It is bounded by the Municipality of Sofronio Española in the north, Sulu sea in the east, the Municipality of Bataraza in the south, and the Mt. Mantalingahan which serves as the boundary with the Municipality of Jose Rizal in the west.

The fact that it is bounded by the sea and mountain indicates that fishing and farming are the main sources of livelihood.

Except along the coastal area, hilly and rolling land characterized the municipal terrain.

Land Area and Political Subdivision

Approximately 192 kms from Puerto Princesa City, the municipality covers a total land area of 130,340.00 hectares or 1,303.40 sq. kms., which represents the 7.65 percent of the total land area of Palawan.

Of the eight (8) municipalities in Southern Palawan, Brooke’s Point is the largest, next to Puerto Princesa City, followed by the Municipality of Rizal with 125,647.00 hectares land area.

Brooke’s Point is divided into 18 barangays, of which 2 are urban – Poblacion I and Poblacion II, and 16 are still considered rural – Amas, Aribungos, Barong-barong, Calasaguen, Imulnod, Ipilan, Maasin, Mainit, Mambalot, Malis, Oring-oring, Pangobilian, Salogon, Samariñana, Saraza and Tubtub.

Barangay Calasaguen occupies the largest portion of the municipality’s land area covering almost 14.12% of the total land area of the municipality. On the other hand, Barangay Poblacion I shares the smallest land area of only 0.14% of the municipality’s land area.


Brooke’s Point falls under the Type III climate which is characterized by no pronounced maximum rain period with short dry season, relatively dry from November to April, and wet during the rest of the year.

Water Resources

The inland water resources of the municipality include rivers, creeks, springs and waterfalls.

There are 14 rivers, namely:

  • Barong-barong River Buligay River
  • Caramay River Filantropia (Malalong) River
  • Imulnod River Lara (Cabinbin) River
  • Macagua River Magugurang River
  • Mambalot River Pangobilian River
  • Raang River Tagpait River
  • Tamlang River Tigaplan River

with their headwaters originating from Mt. Mantalingahan ranges and empties into Sulu Sea.

These resources are utilized for tourism, recreation, domestic and agricultural uses.

Marine and Coastal Water Resources

The municipality’s coastline stretches to about 57 kilometers, facing Sulu Sea. It is relatively a highly productive fishing ground for both traditional and commercial fishers, and where coastal tourism and other economic activities are booming. The PCRA conducted in 2000 found that the coastal waters of Brooke’s Point are host to more than 50 species of fish with commercial importance, 16 species of shellfish and unique marine animals such as sea turtles, dolphins, rays and dugong.

Fourteen (14) out of the eighteen (18) barangays of the municipality are bordering the 57 kms. coastline, in the east.