Prostate adenoma

According to prostate adenoma is a pathology of the prostate gland, caused by an increase in its size or a benign neoplasm in the prostate. The disease most often affects middle-aged men (over 40 years old). The prostate, increasing in size, compresses or completely blocks the urethra, which makes it difficult for urine to exit the body, so the disease should be treated.

Prostate adenoma is a common ailment among men over 40 years old. With age, the risk of the problem increases. The essence of the disease is the formation of small nodules in the prostate gland, which grow over time and do not allow the organs to work normally.

Between the sphincter outside the urethra and the bladder is the organ of the male genital area, resembling a chestnut in shape. It is called the prostate, part of the urethra passes through its thickness. When prostate adenoma appears, the channel narrows as a result of the growth of cells of the surrounding tissue.

Prostate adenoma is an unpleasant disease for any man. This problem can occur in men after 40 years. The reason for this phenomenon is associated with hyperplastic changes in the tissues of the organ. Any such transformations affect the functioning of urination, which is the main symptom of the presence of the disease.

Prostatitis and prostate adenoma bring a lot of suffering to a man. They cause blockage of the urinary system, lead to improper functioning of the kidneys, disturb sleep. If a man feels the presence of an ailment, he has a question about how to help himself. And this assistance should begin with an appeal to a urologist to confirm the diagnosis and conduct treatment. If a man has passed these stages, he will need to perform certain measures to avoid relapse.

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