Sitted at the junction of three major roads, welcome park has fast developed into a meeting place for friends and family members, a place to sit down, chat and exchange news before catching the last bus or shuttle to their next destination.


Locally known as Mount Maruyog, the highest peak in the Municipality of Brooke’s Point with 955 meter above sea level. It is heaven for the nature lovers and those who love trekking activities


Situated in Barangay Mainit 10 km northwest of Brooke’s Point town Proper, the area is an ideal place to try the medicinal property of the sulfuric hot spring and to dip in a pool of fresh water from a small waterfalls cascading from the rocky mountain side.


A mountainside resort with natural setting which is overlooking the panoramic view of Addison peak locally known as Maruyog. Close to a tribal Palaw’an community and an ideal place to rest and for recreation, school fieldtrips, retreats, family picnics, sports, seminar and a lot more…


Spend a day in the pool enjoying the cool breeze as it warfts through a palm oil plantation. Have a tour in the Palawan palm @ vegetable oil mills inc. and witness first hand the oil extraction process from palm fruits.


Situated at the foothill of the mountain ranges in cabar, Aribungos, 195 kilometers southwest of Puerto Princesa City. The falls is around 6 meters in height and displaces a big volume of water. The falls serves as source of irrigation to the barrios. Several meters away from the falls, is the locale of an indigenous tribe. Every Sunday they hold market day, which is similar to a small plaza surrounded by stalls.


The perfect family getaway, Pack a picnic lunch and head out to zeder farm 10 minutes away from the town proper. Enjoy pristine fields and play hide-and-seek in the Man-Made hedge maze as you drink in all the beauty that nature has to offer. For plant lovers potted plants and seedlings are available.


Of the seven falls of Barangay Mainit, the must-see is the last one, named as Bakbakan Falls. Getting to this waterfall involves a little over an hour of hiking through the steep forested trail punctuated by streams and minor cascades. But the arduous adventure is well worth it once you see the breathtaking Bakbakan Falls that stands some 200 feet! Bakbakan’s rushing water drops down into an emerald basin perfect for dipping after the strenuous hike. What makes this place extra-special is it hosts the exquisite Trogonoptera trojana, a Palawan-native butterfly species with a wingspan of about 18 to 19 centimeters.